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Getting closer…

It's been a hectic and wonderful past month! We went to England in the middle of September, and came back with some treasures for the tea room! Jane Austen fans will recognize at least one of the pieces we bought... The inspiration for the appearance of our tea room is one of my favorite places on the planet. It is Chatsworth House, in Derbyshire, England. I spent my summers in the area while I was growing up, as my mother is from Derbyshire. I have visited Chatsworth many times, and my husband and I even married there. Jane Austen fans will recognize it as Mr. Darcy's home (Pemberley) in the 2005 film Pride and Prejudice, and will be happy to know I brought Mr. Darcy home with me!

Since returning home on Sept. 29th, I have been at the shop daily clearing out non functioning equipment and other items left from the previous tenant, as well as ordering some of the necessary items to make our tea room a place that has a little something for everybody. The giant TV arrived and is set up, so we're ready to start planning for our first movie night! We will be ordering our beer dispenser soon so that we can enjoy Pub nights (or anytime someone feels like a beer!) Most important item on the agenda at the moment though is to get open, then we'll work on getting our beer and wine license.

We have had the doors open so people could pop in and ask about it, but we are closing the doors from now until opening, as we want the appearance to be a surprise! I've met some lovely people, and I hope to see you all when we open! We are hoping to open officially on October 28th (as long as everything goes as planned!) with a couple of private parties in the days and evening leading up to it. Stay tuned for more...

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